Have You Seen Our Close Tolerance Phenolic Foam?

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Supaphen is a high performance rigid phenolic thermal insulation.

Supaphen can be cut as a close tolerance flat sheet in a variety of dimensions
and thicknesses.


Supaphen phenolic is CFC and HCFC free with a zero ozone depletion potential.

Supaphen complies with the requirements of the European Standard EN13166 for factory made products of phenolic foam for the thermal insulation of buildings.

Supaphen is fire and smoke safe. Supaphen has been tested to BS476 parts 6 & 7 meeting the requirements of Class 0 to UK building regulations.

Supaphen is highly thermally efficient with a maximum aged K value of 0.024 W/mk tested to European standard EN12667.

Supaphen is manufactured as a rigid block at a standard density of 40kg/m3. FOAMtech fabricate sheet material from the block at a uniform thickness and to close tolerances.



We are now able to offer our customers a complete range of thicknesses (from 10mm upwards) in ROCKWOOL close tolerance boards to suit application’s where thickness of the material and quality of the surface is critical. FABROCK differs from general fibrous board insulation in the fact that the fibers have been orientated vertically on the production line to achieve core strength across the panel.

FOAMtech FABROCK boards are of particular benefit where insurance companies require that the insulation within a curtain walling system achieves a Euroclass rating of A1 (EN 13501) Non-combustible fire performance. 

Fabrock CLAD

FABROCK CLAD is designed for composite panels providing an A1 non-combustible core material for façade, cladding and glazed in spandrel panels. The boards are available in 1mm increments with a tolerance of +/- 0.5mm which makes FABROCK CLAD the perfect solution for fire resistant sandwich panels.

Fabrock HARD

FABROCK HARD boards are designed for composite panels providing an A1 non-combustible hard edge for façade, cladding and glazed in spandrel panels. Available in 1200mm x 1000mm x 30mm, the boards can be cut into strips to suit the panel core thickness providing a hard edge detail. The strips are rotated 90 degrees with the off-white coating providing guidance as to the correct way to install the lamella strips for maximum compressive strength.

Fabrock PLUS

FABROCK PLUS boards are designed to bond to the back of composite panels containing a FABROCK CLAD A1 non-combustible core. FABROCK PLUS provides additional thermal and acoustic insulation where required. The boards have one close tolerance face for bonding to the rear of the panel. The external side has a factory applied aluminium foil face. Additional foil tape can be applied to the exposed edge detail for aesthetics.

Insulated Chipboard Flooring

We've just launched our new Insulated Chipboard Floorboard! It is manufactured from 18mm moisture resistant P5 chipboard bonded to Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation. XPS is the preferred choice of insulation for this application due to its very high compressive strength and closed cell structure which means it is not affected by moisture associated with concrete floor slabs. 

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