Insulated Chipboard Flooring

We've just launched our new Insulated Chipboard Floorboard! It is manufactured from 18mm moisture resistant P5 chipboard bonded to Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation. XPS is the preferred choice of insulation for this application due to its very high compressive strength and closed cell structure which means it is not affected by moisture associated with concrete floor slabs. The Insulated Chipboard Flooring is suitable for concrete and suspended timber floors in both new build and refurbishments and eliminates the need to raise existing floors. Installation is quick and simple with the boards interlocking to give a smooth even surface, ready for a floor finish of choice. The boards are available in any thickness from 28mm-183mm to meet exact door thresholds or specific u-value requirements. We're also strong believers that our customers should not be forced to buy more than what they actually require. For that reason we have no minimum order volume and you can order to the nearest board! download data sheet